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If you’re looking for a copywriter who knows how to write effectively for any audience in any medium, I invite you to check out these samples of my work.

I encourage you to look not only at projects that relate to your own market, but at anything that catches your eye.

That way, you’ll get to see a range of writing styles and contexts and, in some cases, a working edit of the original client draft.

To read posts marked ‘Protected’, you will need to enter a password. If I have not already supplied this, feel free to contact me.

Rapid List Building Club

Copywriting for a complete marketing funnel for the launch of a mentoring and membership product aimed at people wanting to build an online business. Facebook ads, squeeze page, sales / offer page, video sales page, autoresponder email series. Plus planning and...

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Beach Body Parody Web Content

Copywriting for a complete marketing funnel – Facebook ads > Squeeze page > Sales / Offer page > Follow-on offer > Video sales letter > Follow-up email sequences. Plus planning and copywriting of content for lead magnet and initial-purchase product. Drop me a line...

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Banking Business Start-Up Pack

A detailed step-by-step online resource to help people draw up a business plan. Here, rather than show the final version, I've presented part of the initial edit to illustrate how I reworked the content from the original client draft. Drop me a line from my Contact...

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Ventilation System Product Brochure

Sample pages from a product brochure for a ventilation system, written not just to describe the product but to present a strong case to construction professionals and specifiers. Edit in action: A good example of how important it is to have a copywriter review and...

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BlogWise Blogging Guide

A 32-page PDF guide to blogging, written from scratch for owners of holiday rental properties. This target audience knows almost nothing about how to use a blog to generate traffic, so the guide takes them through everything step by step. Drop me a line from my...

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Burn More Fat Web Content

Informative article about how fat burning varies depending on the time of your workout. Written from my own research. Used as content on a dedicated fitness and health website. Drop me a line from my Contact page and let's talk.

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Audi Service Ads and Leaflet

A few examples of the customer-facing advertising and promotional material I developed and wrote for the marketing agency handling Audi's service and parts communications. Drop me a line from my Contact page and let's talk.

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Hair Loss Treatment Web Content

An extensively researched article presenting a balanced view of various treatments for hair loss. Written to work as web pages on a health and wellbeing website and for use as content marketing. Drop me a line from my Contact page and let's talk.

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Page Speed Optimisation Blog Post

Blog post created for GiteWise, highlighting the importance of page speed optimisation, and how effectively GiteWise does this. GiteWise is one of my own businesses. You can visit the site and read this article in full here. Drop me a line from my Contact page and...

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Tattoo Designs Article

Keyword-optimised content originally written as articles for Squidoo (an article-based website). Included links to Clickbank affiliate products (tattoo design packages and subscription memberships). Drop me a line from my Contact page and let's...

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